Memories of Japan
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September, 2009 in Japan

Image showing where you are at seat TV inside of airplane.
In one hour, we would be in Narita airport, Tokyo.

Passengers enjoying movies at seat TV.

Special version of assorted sashimi plate.

Typical menu stand on street in front of restaurant.

Small portion of Kobe beef on dish.

Lunch portion of Grilled beef table.

2 kinds of sauces and salt, miso-soup and salad.

My sister and her friend.

From a window of hospital.

My mother nursing for father.

Deep fried oyster with sesame sauce.

A building of Kumamoto city.

An opening day for new restaurant of my sister & her husband.

Old Japanese pub style restaurant.

Exciting moment of opening for new restaurant.
I became a first customer there.

Everything is new.

Beef BBQ restaurant chain in Kyusyu.

After spending 2 weeks in Japan, we went back to U.S.

"Thank you for coming"