Memories of Japan
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April, 2009 in Japan

Small Island for Japanese air force base, Tsushima. Nagasaki-pref.
Some fine day, you can see South korea
My father has been worked there 45 years ago.

Fishing boat

Assorted sushi platter.

A private dining room of restaurant in town.

A menu for Lunch.

A set menu for assorted food.

Sliced beef dish in course.

Smoke-free beef grill.

Sliced premium beef dish.

Sukiyaki lunch set.

Attended the class reunion.
Already, it looks pretty drunk everyone.

As you imagine, it was all night session.

Some appetizers.

A port of Tsushima, Nagasaki-pref.

Another reunion at Tsushima.

Flowers for Father's day.

Kazu hold a pose for picture.

Mom is relaxing and almost sleeping in the car.