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February, 2008 in Japan

It took us 27 hours from the getting out door of
my house to reaching my parents house.

Temple of Kagoshima.

Premises of Temple, Kagoshima.

Back alley of Kami-tori, Kumamoto city.

Enjoying reunion with my friend & his wife over
shochu and foods at Japanese style pub.

Appetizer of Dashimaki-tamago & cooked shrimp.

Tempura of seasonal vegetables.

Lightly-pressed sushi rice topped with anago "Sea ell"

The entrance alley of long established Japanese restaurant.

Cyawanmushi dish ( Steamed egg potchnotch )

The behind of counter of the restaurant.

My mom first made shooting gun pose at her kitchen.

Often small size of coffee is comes with after meal.

Another direction of the entrance alley of the Japanese restaurant.

Paper napkin & toothpick holder with oriental decoration.

The entrance door of the restaurant.

Kaoru and her mom.

The gardening for pleasure.

Old style of new building for The cake shop. Kumamoto city.

The entrance area of the european style patisserie.

Creedal words to customers.

Another direction of the entrance area of the european style patisserie.

As usual, my father was reading newspaper at his spot of
living room under the warm sunlight in the morning.