--- Final Report for Fundraiser of Japan Relief Project ---

Period As of 12/20/'11 ( Since 3/23/'11 )
California roll ( Sales Quantity ) 871 orders
California roll Sales ( $6.00 ) x 871 $5,226.00
Direct Donation ( as a Cash or Check ) $1,816.50
Total Donation $7,042.50

"Japan Relief Event"

Dear Donators for Japan Relief Project.
Thank you very much for your compassion and generosity to the
Japanese refugees to 9.0-earthquake and Giant tsunami on march-11-2011.
KAIDO has been collecting donations by selling our california roll since the incident happened.
It has already been 9 months. Our achivement of sending the donation to
the International Red Cross eventually reached $7,000.00
At the beginning, I could not imagine that we would be able to callect such
a large amount of money as a small restaurant.
We truely appreciate your generous donations and purchasing rolls to
help the Japanese victims of the natural disasters.

However, we would like to report to you our new decision toward this Japan relief plan.
We are going to back down from the ongoing project, because of
economical circumstances and soaring cost.
These reasons make it difficult for us to run this relief project any longer.
I am really sorry for the people that suffered from such an unpredictable reality.
To be honest, I want to continue a little longer, but we do not regret bringing down the
curtain on this project.
I could say, we did what we could do to aid their situation at this stage.
The price of california roll is going back to original price now.

Last of all, thank you very much, all the donators who paid attention to
our project and helped friends in Asia.

Kazuhiko Mukai ( KAIDO )

*** However, Donation box is still there waiting for anyone who still wants to donate.